March 1, 2024
User Engagement in Small Business

User Engagement in Small Business: Challenges and Solutions

Running a small business is not easy. Each year brings new challenges for small business owners selling apparel items, such as Port Authority F219 and others. Moreover, some of the challenges for small businesses remain consistent. Improving customers’ experiences and meeting customers’ expectations.

In addition, the biggest challenge for small businesses to overcome is customer engagement. Besides, you cannot successfully communicate your offerings to customers if they are not engaged with your business.

Luckily, there are solutions to address challenges related to user engagement. Besides, we have dedicated this post to the same concern. Read on to find out how to successfully overcome challenges related to user engagement.

How to Address Challenges Related to User Engagement in Small Business

The following are the four challenges related to user engagement in small businesses alongside their solutions:

1.     Responding to Customers’ Queries Fast

According to a report, “83% of customers expect to engage with someone once they contact a company.” Moreover, the same percentage was 78% in 2019. Based on this fact, many small businesses have listed timely responses as one of their biggest user engagement challenges.

Furthermore, 42 percent of businesses have expanded the ways to help customers approach them. However, businesses do not just need to expand the sources to help customers reach them. They also need to make sure that customers get the information they seek as fast as possible.

What’s the Solution?

One of the ways to respond to customers’ concerns fast is they empower customers to find information themselves. As an example, small business owners can help customers get the answers they seek through AI-enabled assistance. Besides, it will also aid service professionals in focusing on more complex customers’ queries.

Another way small businesses can address this issue is they equip their employees with the right resources and tools. For instance, they can provide their employees with the right CRM solution providing them with a 360-degree customer view. With access to the right resources and tools, employees can quickly answer customers’ concerns.

2.     Personalizing Customer Engagements

Customers do not just want businesses to respond to their queries quickly. They also want personalized engagements to fulfill customers’ needs and desires. Besides, more than half of customers prefer personalized engagement.

However, meeting personalized customer engagement is a top challenge for small business owners. Many of the solutions in this regard are contingent on the right CRM solution.

Moreover, the 360-degree we talked about earlier is essential for understanding customers as unique individuals. But in a way that is also scalable for a business. One good example in this respect is Living Edge, a Sydney-based furniture retailer. The aforementioned furniture retailer offers different browsing experiences for customers shopping for home and office furniture.

Now, it is time we talk about the solution to address the challenge of personalizing customer engagements.

What’s the Solution?

In order to offer personalized experiences to customers, small businesses will need the right platform. As a matter of fact, businesses will need a platform to break down the silos. The same platform should authorize different functions with centralized customer information. The first interaction of leads with marketing and their first conversation with the sales team, to mention a few such functions. In this regard, small businesses based on their niche need to invest in the right technology and sales & marketing.

3.     Meeting the Demand

In the Covid-19 pandemic, loads of businesses shifted their operations over the World Wide Web (WWW). Besides, the same pandemic impacted almost all businesses in an uncontrollable and unpredictable way. It also led many businesses to realize that keeping up with the demand is a challenge. How? Because the pandemic caused many businesses to bear a significant loss of money and customers.

However, meeting the demand of customers was not the challenge that only the pandemic led businesses to realize. It is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses in the present-day as well.

It does not matter whether you are initiating a clothing line or other small business, you must meet consumer demand. Otherwise, you are not going to increase user (customer) engagement with your business. Now, the question stands: How can small businesses keep up with the demand of their customers? Let us find it out next.

What’s the Solution?

In order to successfully keep up with the demand of customers, you must understand the problems of your customers. Then, you can offer your products or services as the solution to your customers. However, it is important, too, that your product or service successfully addresses the pain points of your customers. Else, your customers are not going to buy and try it.

In addition, sticking to the following tips can help you identify and meet consumer demand as a small business owner:

  • Keep listening to your customers.
  • Build a consumer experience-centered company culture.
  • See your business in the way your customers see it.
  • Meet your customers face to face.
  • Conduct surveys to gather data from a wide assortment of customers.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors.
  • Pay attention to online customer reviews to take the best action in response.
  • Remain honest and transparent with your customers.

4.     Bringing Inventive Offerings to the Market

Another top challenge related to user engagement in small business is bringing innovative offerings to the market. Besides, you do not have much time to bring innovative offerings when you just focus on operating the business.

However, you have to prove resourceful to customers to bring offerings to meet their desires in the fast-changing business circumstances. Now, you may also start thinking about how you can bring innovative offerings to the market. Find out about it next.

What’s the Solution?

Relying on technology solutions, you can bring innovative products or services based on what your customers want (desire). In particular, you should rely on technology solutions that provide you with enhanced visibility in your sales processes.

In addition, the same technology should provide you with a data-informed view of customers. It won’t only help you bring new products or services to the market that your customers are after. But also improve your sales processes.

Put differently, you can confidently count on the right technology solutions in challenging times. Furthermore, you can go through case studies in this regard, too. Besides, you already have the internet as your handy resource to access case studies. Therefore, you should capitalize on the internet for the same purpose.

In addition to addressing the above challenges to enhance user engagement in your business, you can do many other things. However, the strategy you may adhere to in this regard will depend on your business type. As an example, you can provide your customers with bulk discounts if you sell wholesale apparel. Suppose, you sell wholesale Port Authority Apparel. So, you can offer bulk discounts to customers who buy clothing of the same brand from you. Other than that, you may offer free shipping on bulk purchases to make your customers happier even more.


Running a small business does not come without challenges. Moreover, many of the challenges that small business owners face relate to increasing user engagement. Responding to customers’ queries fast and personalizing customer engagements, to recap a few of those challenges. Strategically, addressing these challenges, such as with solutions we shared, is important for small businesses. Otherwise, small business owners cannot run their businesses with triumph. To finish, make sure you understand your customers first to successfully address the challenges of user engagement with your small business.

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