April 25, 2024
Bolting Tools

It is true that many people are there who believe that large equipment, steel and even wood are the most significant parts of a steel construction project, the ones in the trade understand well that the most essential parts are the bolts and even nuts. Materials for any construction job must be durable and robust, and equipment should perform at high efficiency, but in the absence of fasteners holding everything together there is not going to be any bridges, skyscrapers, wind towers or football stadiums. The construction industry does depend on bolts and nuts in each and every single project, making quality a critical aspect. Hence, it gets important that you use Bolting Systems that are absolutely effective and productive.

Safety is critical 

Making use of the high-quality bolts and nuts in every construction project are going to help avoid hazardous consequences. In case the bolts and nuts are formed up of inferior stuff or materials or are manufactured cheaply, the structure can turn out to be unsafe. Damaged structures, bridges and huge sized construction projects because of inferior parts or rusted and cracked bolts are simply use some of the issues that may emerge and put everyone who use them at danger.

Fundamental Factors

Once tightening a nut, a manifold of forces is overcome, including the friction between the nut thread and even bolt thread, the tension in the bolt, and even the friction between the nut and the washer or even the outer ply of the connection. This may be problematic as it is hesitant how much of the resistance to turning in the wrench emerges from every single of the forces.

What you should know is that the coefficient of friction in the realm of threads and between the nut and the surface it is simply turning against relies on any number of aspects, most of that cannot simply be accurately measured. These encompass the finest details of the thread geometry, even the lubrication and cleanliness of the bolt and even the nut, and the surface conditions of the washer or even outer ply of the connection. Understanding how much of the torque applied has gone towards persuading tension in the bolt is critical. There have been researches that have shown that the amount of torque needed to produce a given amount of tension can quite by as much as even forty percent.

These are the uncertainties that make using a tension-indicating device when you do install high-strength bolts a necessity. This is nearly always the Skidmore-Wilhelm Bolt Tension Pointer. This is the device that simply measures the tension in the bolt by gaging the hydraulic pressure in a cell that is somewhat squeezed when the nut is tightened. It can even be used to confirm the tension induced in a bolt by any sort of tightening method, and is needed for all high-strength bolt applications designed to follow the AISC code or even any sort of its derivatives


To sum up, make sure that you are confident about using the right, effective and quality tools only. Talk to the industrial bolting tools suppliers if you have any doubts about any bolting tools.

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