February 24, 2024
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Therapist and patient talking together, she is helping him to cope with a stressful situation

We pay adequate attention to our physical health by consulting various specialists as required. However, our mental health takes a backseat due to the social stigma associated with it. Even today, people think twice before consulting a specialist for their mental well-being. However, studies have shown that physical health is directly related to mental or psychological health. When you feel stressed or depressed, you do not have the appetite, feel restless, and often suffer from lack of sleep. Similarly, when you have chronic pain like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, sleeping becomes tricky, and you automatically get frustrated and irritated over trivial matters.

People must consider their mental health and ensure they lead a stress-free, anxiety-free, and healthy life. Since we usually do not have enough knowledge about mental health problems and how to address them, it is better to consult a specialist on these aspects.

Who can treat mental health problems?

If you want to deal with mental health problems, you should connect with the best psychiatrist in Mumbai or a psychologist. There are marked differences between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. To understand the comparison in a better way, let’s take a look at an example.

An orthopaedic doctor deals with bones and muscle problems, locomotion and mobility issues, and any other skeletal system problems. You always go to an orthopedic doctor or surgeon for remedial treatment or surgery for your ailments. A physiotherapist comes into play when you need treatment to improve mobility and locomotion, reduce orthopedic pain, or recover from any accident or physical trauma.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who is trained and certified to treat mental health issues through medication and therapy. A psychologist is not a medical doctor but can provide consultation through talk-based sessions.

When should you see a psychiatrist?

Before you search for the best psychiatrist in Mumbai, you must know when you should consult one. Here are some of the following cases where a psychiatrist is an ideal medical practitioner to look for.

  • If you suffer from prolonged and chronic depression, anxiety, and excessive stress, sees a psychiatrist. It is because these mental health problems are related to hormonal levels and lifestyle changes. For example, you will start feeling stressed out if your body doesn’t produce enough dopamine and serotonin hormones. A psychiatrist will prescribe appropriate anti-stress and neurological medicines that will calm the nerves and increase the production of these endorphins in the blood.
  • To treat various mental health problems like anger issues, insomnia, irritation and frustration, and so on, you should always look for the best psychiatrist in Mumbai. The doctors will prescribe medicines to normalize the hormone levels and calm down all the agitated and excited nerves and also for treatment.
  • You also need a psychiatrist to deal with psychological or mental trauma like PTSD, panic attacks, silent anxiety attacks, etc. These professionals are well-versed in various diagnostic processes that can lower the conditions’ severity and provide much-needed relief.

When should you see a psychologist?

Let us look at the occasions you might need a psychologist.

  • If you want treatment through counselling, you should consult a psychologist because they are involved with therapeutic healing.
  • A psychologist will discuss your problems with you and suggest positive life changes that will help you tackle the mental issues. The psychologist will guide you through various mental exercises that will help improve your condition

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Psychiatrist VS psychologist: A brief study

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who treats mental issues and other psychological problems with medicines and other treatment methods.

On the other hand, the job of a psychologist is to conduct therapeutic processes like speech therapy, counseling sessions, cognitive behavior therapy, and so on.


This article discusses whether you should go for the top psychologist or the best psychiatrist in Mumbai. It depends on the mental or psychological issue that you are facing. No matter what, you should be proactive and seek treatment for your mental health without delay.

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