April 25, 2024
Zoysia Sod Cost

Zoysia sod is one option that stands out because of its durability and beauty among the many that are accessible to you when it comes to attaining the thick, verdant lawn that you have always envisioned having on your property. Within the greater Atlanta area, Atlanta Sod Farms is a dependable company to turn to for high-quality Zoysia sod. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the Zoysia sod cost and give you an overview of the information you need to be aware of prior to making an investment in these high-quality lawns.

Advantages of Zoysia Sod 

Before we get into how much Zoysia sod costs, let’s look at why it’s such a popular choice for homes. Zoysia grass has several perks that make it a great choice for your lawn:

Drought Resistance: Zoysia grass is known for how well it can handle dryness. This makes it a good choice for places with hot, dry summers.

Low Upkeep: It needs less mowing and care than some other types of grass, saving you time and effort.

Heavy Growth: Zoysia sod makes a dense, carpet-like grass that chokes out weeds and looks uniform and nice.

Cold Resistance: Zoysia grass grows best in warm climates but can also handle cold weather well. This makes it perfect for a wide range of places.

Now that we’ve talked about some of the good things about Zoysia sod let’s talk about the most important thing: how much it costs.

Cost of Zoysia Sod Depends on Several Factors

The price of Zoysia sod can change based on a number of factors. Putting together a budget for your lawn job will be easier if you understand these things:

The Area’s Size: Your lawn’s size is a big factor in how much it will cost to maintain it. Larger places will naturally need more sod, which will increase the total cost.

Zoysia Sod Varieties: Zoysia sod comes in different types, and each one has its own qualities. Some may be more expensive than others because they grow faster or can take more shade.

The Thickness Of The sod: Sod comes in a variety of sizes. The original cost of thicker sod may be higher, but it can give a more lush look right away.

Labor Expenses: If you choose to have a professional do the installation, you’ll have to pay for the effort. But this can make sure the work is done correctly and evenly.

The Place: The price of Zoysia sod can vary by area because of things like transportation costs and local demand.

How Much Does Zoysia Grass Cost?

Remember that the costs are predictions that can change based on the things we’ve already talked about. Get a customized quote from Atlanta Sod Farms or a local supplier if you want to know how much your job will cost.

Why Should You Choose Atlanta Sod Farms for Zoysia Sod?

Atlanta Sod Farms is a name you can trust when it comes to getting high-quality Zoysia sod in the Atlanta area. With years of knowledge and a commitment to customer satisfaction, here’s why they should be your top choice:

Several types/varieties: Atlanta Sod Farms has different kinds of Zoysia sod to meet your wants and tastes, such as Empire Zoysia, Emerald Zoysia, and Zeon Zoysia, among others.

Quality Control: They are proud of the high-quality sod they sell that will help your yard grow.

Professional Installation: They offer professional installation services to make sure your Zoysia sod is laid correctly and without any trouble.

Expert Advice: Their staff knows a lot about Zoysia grass and can give you useful information to help you make smart choices.

Local Knowledge: Since they are based in Atlanta, they know the difficulties and needs of the local climate and soil.


Zoysia sod can be a good choice for your yard because it has many benefits and lasts for a long time. Zoysia sod costs can vary depending on a number of things, but it’s important to think about your wants and budget when making a choice. If you live near Atlanta, don’t hesitate to contact Atlanta Sod Farms for high-quality Zoysia sod and professional help. Zoysia sod could be the key to getting the lawn of your dreams. With the right care and upkeep, you can have a beautiful, green lawn that adds to the curb appeal of your house for years to come.


Q1. Can I put Zoysia sod down myself, or do I need help from a pro?

A1. Even though you can fix something yourself, you’ll get the best results if you hire a professional.

Q2. How long does it take for Zoysia sod to grow into a fully green lawn?

A2. Depending on a number of factors, it usually takes between 6 and 12 months for Zoysia sod to grow into a lush, green yard.

Q3. What are the most important differences between the different types of Zoysia sod, and which one is best for my lawn?

A3. Different types of Zoysia sod have different growth rates, and how well they do in the shade. Talk to a local expert to find out which type is best for your yard.

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