March 1, 2024


The Triund Trek should be at the top of your bucket list if you’re looking for an adventure that combines spectacular natural beauty, exhilarating trekking, and the enchantment of camping beneath a starlit sky. The Triund Trek delivers an experience that is nothing short of magical, all while being tucked away in the gorgeous Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas. Discover why the Triund Trek is a must-do for any nature fan as we set off on a trek through the fascinating world of it.


The Start of the Journey: Triund Base Camp

The journey starts in McLeod Ganj, a little village in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district that is well-known for its Tibetan culture and tranquil environs. You’ll start your ascent from here to Triund Base Camp, the beginning point for your ascent to Triund Meadow. The 9-kilometer journey provides both novice and seasoned hikers with a wonderful opportunity to discover the Himalayas’ natural splendor.


A Journey for Every Season

Triund Trek is a year-round journey, with a different adventure to be had in each season. The trail is covered in brilliant wildflowers that are in full bloom in the spring, making a vibrant carpet for you to walk on. The lush green meadows offer a calming contrast to the hot sun in the summer. As opposed to winter, which turns the area into a tranquil wonderland with snow-covered landscapes, autumn offers bright skies and expansive views.


The Mysticism of Triund Meadow

The scenery drastically changes as you get closer to Triund Meadow. A huge alpine meadow filled with oak and rhododendron trees emerges from the lush woodlands. Your campground for the night is in this pristine wilderness, and you’ll be mesmerized by the tranquil atmosphere. The expansive vistas of the snow-capped Dhauladhar Range on one side and the Kangra Valley on the other are simply breathtaking.

The breathtaking Triund Meadow is without a doubt the trek’s high point. The meadow, which is a rich green carpet of grass at an elevation of 2,875 meters (9,430 feet), is flanked by high peaks. It’s breathtaking and the ideal spot for a campout.

When you go to Triund Meadow, you can unwind and take a look around. You can relax and take in the tranquility of the location, go on short excursions to neighboring view points, or both. It’s the ideal chance to spend time in nature away from the bustle of daily life.


Camping beneath a star-filled sky

The chance to camp beneath a starlit sky is one of the Triund Trek’s most alluring features. You’ll prepare your camp as dusk falls, and as the night grows longer, you’ll be treated to a heavenly show. You can see the Milky Way and many constellations in all their glory because there are no city lights in the area. You’re sure to have lifelong memories from an experience like stargazing and telling tales around a campfire.


Triund’s sunrise

The fantasy of awakening at Triund Meadow has come true. The mountains emerge from the night like silent sentinels as the first rays of morning paint the sky with vivid hues. Long after you’ve left this lovely spot, you’ll remember that sight.


The Ascension

It’s time to start your descent after breakfast and one more gaze at the breathtaking scenery. While traveling back, you can cherish the memories of your Triund Trek just as much as the ascent.


The Benefits of Triund Trek

Your happiness and safety are our top priority at Triund Trek. Our knowledgeable guides provide a safe and enjoyable journey by being familiar with the area geography and weather patterns. We offer all that is required


Delights of the Local Cuisine

Without enjoying the local cuisine, no adventure is complete. You may savor delectable Himachali cuisine at the Triund Base Camp, including Rajma Chawal, Thukpa, and Momos. Even in the middle of the Himalayas, the genuine friendliness of the inhabitants will make you feel at home.


Camping and trekking responsibly

Triund Trek is dedicated to responsible travel. Our staff and guides have received extensive training in eco-friendly procedures, guaranteeing that the Triund Meadow’s pristine beauty will endure for many years to come. Our trekkers are urged to preserve the environment and leave no trace in order to protect this natural wonderland for upcoming explorers.



The Triund Trek is more than simply a trekking adventure; it’s a chance to get in touch with nature, experience the Himalayas’ breathtaking grandeur up close, and make lifelong memories. The Triund Trek has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re an experienced trekker or a novice. So prepare your belongings, fasten your hiking boots, and set off for Triund Meadow, where camping beneath a starry sky is waiting. Triund trip is more than simply a trip; it’s a life-changing adventure that will leave you with a profound respect for nature’s wonders and the mystique of the mountains. 

Come along on this memorable journey with us and let the Himalayas enchant you.

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